AutoCAD Classes in Dubai

AutoCAD is one of the most preferred computer-aided drafting platforms in the world today, used in the fields of architecture, design, and engineering to create residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure.

Upgrade your skills and knowledge to make yourself more competitive in the field of design and drafting. Enrol yourself in comprehensive Autocad classes in Dubai from Lotus Educational Institute, FZ-LLC.

Specialised AutoCAD training for all levels of expertise

Lotus Educational Institute, FZ-LLC is a learning centre that is focused on providing learners with the tools, skills, and knowledge to develop a higher understanding of arts and design. Located in Dubai Knowledge Park, our institute upholds a unique holistic approach to education, with an aim to equip each and every learner with the right information to further their position their chosen field.

With our comprehensive AutoCAD classes, learners are given a strong foundation on the functionalities and capabilities of this platform. Through personalised AutoCAD training, learners will be guided on some of the more essential processes within the software, such as:

  • Drawing in 2D with the use of objects, polylines, layers, and splines
  • Navigating and studying 2D drawings and drafts
  • Creating essential details such as dimensions, gradients, text, and hatching
  • Rendering the 2D design into a complete and detailed 3D model
  • Importing, printing, modifying, and presenting the final design

The AutoCAD training will be conducted by a professional certified instructor, who will supervise the learning process of the students and implement the most effective educational strategies to ensure that all the essential concepts are covered and absorbed effectively. The course will be held at our fully equipped learning facility in TECOM Free Zone, where learners have access to all the information and tools they need to upgrade their knowledge and their skills.

Qualified Certificate of Completion – AutoCAD Course

At the end of our AutoCAD Course, participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion, which serves as proof that the participant has completed the course and developed the skills necessary to use the platform effectively.

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