Photoshop Course in Dubai | Adobe Photoshop Training Courses Dubai

Photoshop Course in Dubai | Adobe Photoshop Training Courses Dubai


Photoshop Course in Dubai

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most preferred image manipulation and graphics design platforms in the market today, with millions of users all around the world.

From creating advertisements to designing company logos, Photoshop can enable users to render captivating visuals in digital format. Enrol yourself in a Photoshop course in Dubai and make yourself more competitive in the digital industry – get in touch with Lotus Educational Institute today!

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The Photoshop learning programme we have here at Lotus Educational Institute is designed to fully equip participants with a working knowledge and understanding of the software as well as its capabilities. In order to participate extensively in the course, learners are expected to have general computer literacy.

The short course will include an introduction to the entire workspace as well as the tools that can be utilised within the interface. Participants will be trained on the different processes involved in basic photo corrections, utilising the different selection tools and capabilities of the software, understanding the concept of layers and how they can be manipulated, using channels and masks to make image adjustments, designing and enhancing typography, and various other techniques that can be done on Photoshop.

A comprehensive course to accelerate your Photoshop learning in Dubai

Lotus Educational Institute is recognised as one of the most trusted institutes in the city of Dubai today, having produced some of the most brilliant learners through our effective training programmes and courses. We have certified trainers and specialists on hand to guide participants throughout their programmes, and fully-equipped classrooms where students can be completely immersed in the learning experience.

With our combination of high-level expertise and personalised approach, we ensure participants get the most out of their experience.

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