Cubism Painting Course

Cubism Painting Course


Cubism Painting Course


The course focuses on the historical development of cubism that revolutionized European art during the 20th century. The main innovators of cubism, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque will be studied. Students will develop the cubist techniques and methods of depicting objects from various viewpoints through angular, random pieces.  Through various projects and lectures, students will develop their own style and interpretation of this type of painting method.


  1. Analyze cubist movement and techniques of artists and paintings.
  2. Develop personal interpretation of cubism through projects using various paint media and collage.
  3. Emphasized the flat, two-dimensional surface of the picture plane, rejecting the traditional techniques of perspective.
  4. Geometricity, a simplication of figures and objects into geometrical components and planes that may or may not add up to the whole figure or object known in the natural world.
  5. Approximation of the Fourth Demensions.
  6. Distortion and deformation of known figures and forms in the natural world.
  7. Passage, the overlapping and interpenetration of planes.
  8. Simultaneity or multiple views, different points of view made visible on one plane.


Art Foundation (Keys to Drawing, Understanding of Colors, Visual Literacy, Acrylic Techniques)

Course Duration:

30 Hours, 10 sessions

Every Monday & Wednesday

3 – 6 pm

May 5 to June 4, 2014

Requirement for Registration:

2 personal photo (passport size)

Copy of passport
AED 150 (for Application form – only in first registration) – In CASH
AED 2900 course fee


On completion of the course successfully (by submitting complete portfolio that includes presenting acceptable artworks for each session (Hard copy) and homework), Lotus Certificate in Visual Literacy (Elements – level I) (30 hrs) will be awarded.