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Basic Perspective Drawing Course

“Basic Perspective Drawing” course training in Lotus Even many artists in the level of beginners or intermediate, are struggling for the concept and techniques of achieving perfect perspective in their art works! Because without knowledge of fundamentals and technical skills, it’s impossible to create a high quality of art work…

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Paint abstractly with Mixed Media

Paint abstractly with Mixed Media This course covers how to combine collage with acrylics, oil Pastel and  Marker, layering, pouring, using transparent and opaque paint and much more. After getting to know the basic materials, follow along a combination of step-by-step exercises exploring color theory, how to develop an under…

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Colour Harmony in Fine and Visual Arts

Colour Harmony in Fine and Visual Arts Do you have trouble to find out which colours should be used to make an interesting Art Work?! by completing the course of “Understanding Colours” which is including variety of topics such as color mixing, hue, value, intensity and temperature, you will be…

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