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Art Therapy and Self-development

Interview with Founder and Chairman of Lotus Educational Institute Dubai April 2020 Note: Here is the full interview about Art Therapy which used for publishing an article in Friday Magazine at: 1: How does creating art serve as therapy, as a healing strategy and for well-being? Art in different…

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Self-Healing by Art Therapy

DKV Experts Channel Published by Dubai Knowledge Village, De. 2010, Issue 12 Glossary Holism (The word is derived from the Greek holos, meaning “whole”) is the idea that everything in the universe is greater than, and different from, the sum of its parts. Holistic view is looking to supply man’s…

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Art therapy

New ways to help you relax and concentrate The word meditation evokes images of silence and serenity, with people sitting in a particular pose, eyes shut. But Zia and Afsoun’s Colour Meditation class is completely different. It is a method designed by Zia using the principles of mind training, specifically…

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