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Visual Arts / Interior Design Courses


    Academic Training:

  • Featuring the most comprehensive interior design courses in Dubai

    Get the most out of your investment. Lotus Educational Institution provides world-class learning programmes at competitive rates.


    We offer three interior design courses in Dubai that tackle three different subjects, each unique featuring a unique structure and outline:

    • Package (I): Residential Interiors
      This course aims to further equip those who wish to pursue a more advanced career in the practice of interior designing. The course studies in great detail each and every module, including design structure and Auto CAD – 2D modelling. Throughout the course, practical exercises and projects will be conducted in order to evaluate the competency of the students with regards related course elements and concepts. The course will seek to build among students a solid understanding of the fundamental theory of drawing and interior designing techniques by using software and tools like AutoCAD. The programme is also structured to develop a well-rounded understanding of all operations and functions related to the field, such as architectural photography and residential development, starting from the creation of a concept to the actual installation. 
    • Package (II): Commercial Interiors
      In this interior designing course in Dubai, students will be educated on the development of commercial spaces, including conceptualization to installation. The course will tackle factors that figure in the development of a commercial design, such as materials, specifications, and design sources. Unlike other interior design courses in Dubai, special emphasis will be placed on budget analysis, architectural drawing, as well as furniture and lighting plans. 
    • Package (III): Restaurant & Coffee shop Interiors
      This interior design course is designed to discuss the advanced concepts of the designing for those who wish to further their career in the field. The course is conducted in the context of professionals who want to expand their knowledge in designing restaurants and coffee shops. What makes this interior design course in Dubai unique from others is that it creates an optimal working environment for learning. Students are subjected to a simulation that mimics real world corporate conditions. Students and instructors are required to attend each studio period, much like a practitioner is expected to be at the office each working day. This time period sets the stage for informative exchange of theory and criticism between instructor and student.

    Subject Training:

  • Aside from the aforementioned courses, Dubai practitioners seeking more specialized supplementary education focused on designing concepts can also opt for our interior decoration programme.

    • Overview Of Interior Decoration
      Just like other top-notch interior decoration courses in Dubai, this course programme deals with the more in-depth philosophies involved in decorating indoor spaces. The syllabus provides an exciting introduction to the subject, combining lectures and practical work. It is designed for anyone with a passion for interior decoration. Whether you are looking for inspiration for the decoration of your own home, or considering the practice as a possible future career, we have a learning programme for you. We currently offer the following interior decoration courses:  
    • Bedroom Design
      Same as description for the course of Overview of Interior Decoration, focusing on design for Bedrooms varieties only.
    • Living Room Design
      Same in description as the Overview, but focusing on living room spaces only.
    • Kitchen & Bathroom
      Same in description as the Overview, but focusing on kitchens & bathrooms only.
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