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Visual Arts / Graphic Design Courses


    Academic Training:


    Discover the beauty of art and creativity through graphic design courses in Dubai at Lotus Educational Institute.

    For Lotus Educational Institute’s graphic design courses in Dubai, there are 3 different courses that are specially aimed at various educational pursuits:


    • Package (I): For Advertising
      This course identifies and expounds on the principles of creating posters, billboards, signboards, stands, bags, and gifts. The course allows the freedom to progress through the classes using freehand skills, or through digital software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
    • Package (II): For Branding
      Through this graphic design course, Dubai students will be equipped with the essential concepts behind graphic design involved in creating business cards, brochures, catalogues, magazines, and newspapers. This graphic design course allows students the flexibility to progress throughout the study while using freehand or digital software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
    • Package (III): For Publishing
      This design course discusses the fundamental principles of creating trademarks, logotypes, business sets, etc. Students can opt to progress through the programme using freehand skills, or through digital software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

    Subject Training:

  • Lotus Educational Institute also offers short-term training courses that pursue a more detailed study of specific subject matters in graphic designing. These single title graphic design courses in Dubai offered by Lotus Educational Institute are completed within a span of 30 hours of training. After the courses, students can choose between two different options, with corresponding course participation certificates:

    ·         Undergo examination and evaluation at the end of the curriculum to acquire a certificate of completion.


    ·         Forego examination and evaluation at the end of the graphic design course to acquire an attendance certificate.


    • Graphic Designing Programme
      This programme is for business owners who are looking to acquire basic knowledge and skills in graphic designing to boost the marketing and branding of their own product, service, business, or company. This course is created specifically for those who have absolutely no background in arts and design. It covers the general concepts behind identity, publishing, marketing, environment and printing.
    • Creative Digital Art
      (I) Basic (II) Intermeditae (III) Advanced 

      This programme provides a general introduction to the techniques behind creating eye-catching composites and special effects that can be used for advertising, building a portfolio, designing a website, or supplementing any project that requires integration of digitized visual elements for aesthetic purposes. This course extends the use of Photoshop from knowing the basics to learning how to use the tools to create a digital masterpiece.
    • Traditional Calligraphy: Classes for All
      Unlike other graphic design courses in Dubai, our calligraphy classes are for those who are seeking an academic experience that discusses the practical utilization of traditional calligraphy and handwriting in the modern day setting. Lotus Educational Institute’s calligraphy classes in Dubai expounds on the concepts behind calligraphy as an art form, and how stylized symbols enhance the expressiveness of a design. Through our calligraphy classes learners will evolve their understanding of calligraphy and how one can give form to various signs. 
    • Typography (I, II, III, IV, V)
      This course will allow students in Dubai to explore the founding principles of letter formation discussed in typography and calligraphy classes. Students will also be given insight into the historical background, technical issues, and aesthetic principles surrounding the execution of letterform and reproduction.
    • 3D Design (I, II, III)
      This short course introduces participants to basic design principles and elements in developing 3D compositions.  Students in Dubai will work with modular theories, materials and ideas as well as intuitive responses in order to manipulate various materials in the three-dimensional design world.  Projects that cover the importance of line, plane and mass are used to heighten the students’ perceptions of forms in space. 
    • Visual Creativity (2D Design)
      This course will focus on the fundamental principles of visual expression and communication in the form of two-dimensional design.  Students of this programme will learn to organize visual images by understanding visual elements, line, shape, tone, texture and volume.  They will also examine various principles such as repetition, variety and movement, in order to gain competence in visualizing creative and intelligent imagery within the limits of the two-dimensional plane.
    • Corel DRAW (I, II, III)
      In this graphic design course, Dubai students will be introduced to a wide range of tools and encouraged to investigate their uses through implementation in a series of short projects. Graphic designing principles also feature highly on this course as students will be required to develop some understanding of page layout. 
    • Illustrator (I, II, III)
      Through this graphic design course in Dubai, students will learn to create a range of creative visual responses to design briefs. This course will introduce students to concepts such as image development, arrangement of text, and page layout.
    • Adobe Photoshop (I, II, III)
      Students of this course will learn how to utilize different techniques in photography and image manipulation in order to maximize the capability of imagery to express and evoke emotions. They will learn to utilize a wide range of tools to make simple adjustments before creating more complex images appropriate for advertising and publication and the web.
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