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Upcoming Courses / Composition and Principal of Design


    Composition and Principal of Design:



    The course is design to understand the art of visual communication, through analysing the composition, in photography, painting and drawing.

    Examining the role of visual communication through elements such as color, composition, shape, texture, scale and motion, and how they play a role in the process of thinking and learning.  Students will develop competencies in the delivery of information through the modality of the image.


    Identify the elements of visual literacy.

    Experiment with visual techniques used to communicate.

    Learn the rules that govern design (composition).

    Apply these rules to their own work through projects (in class and at home).

    Recognize and describe the elements and rules of design (composition) in their own work (through class critiques) and in works of art from all eras.


    All interested in Arts & Design.

    No prior Knowledge in Arts & Design is required

    Course Duration:
    30 Hours, 10 sessions
    Every Monday & Wednesday
    3 – 6 pm
    March 31 to April 30, 2014

    Requirement for Registration:

    2 personal photo (passport size)
    Copy of passport
    AED 150 (for Application form – only in first registration) – In CASH
    AED 2700 course fee (is including model)


    On completion of the course successfully (by submitting complete portfolio that includes presenting acceptable artworks for each session (Hard copy) and homework), Lotus Certificate in Visual Literacy (Elements – level I) (30 hrs) will be awarded.

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