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Fine Arts / Fundamentals Courses


    Academic Training:

  • The following courses-subjects with duration of 30 hrs (with examination and evaluation) are part of Academic Training for Arts and Design course programmes. These subjects may be taken by applicants without examination and evaluation as "Open-training programme" as well.

    • Art History (I, II)
      (I) World - Art History (II) Islam - Art History
      Combination of presenting research-essay and self-study. 

    • Visual Literacy (I, II)
      (I)Literacy (II) Composition
      Theory and forms of visual communications and the elements such as color, shape, texture, scale, motion and composition and analysis of techniques.

    • Perspective (I, II, III, IV,V,VI)
      (I,II) Basic, (III, IV) Intermediate, (V, VI) Avanced
      Discussing a wide range of mathematical topics such as numbers, proportions and numeric sequences, exploring the many places where the fields of mathematics and the visual arts intersect.
    • Colours Theopry (I, II)
      (I) Undereatnding of Colors (II) Colours' Composition
      Exploring the physical and psychological effects of light and colour, colour interaction, relationships and colour perception as the principles regarding the use of color in the visual arts (Colour elements, and Colour composition).
    • Keys to Drawing (I, II)
      (I) Principal of Drawing (II) Compostion in Drawing
      Introduction to how to draw, how to measure and to the rules of the shapes and freehand copmosition techniques.

    • Light and Shadow (I, II, III, IV, V, VI)
      (I,II) Basic (III, IV) Intermediate (V,VI) Advanced
      Using Pencil for learning materials and techniques, learn how to model forms realistically through the use of light-shadow pattern and discussing shape and the role of light and shadow shapes in strengthening and enriching the design quality of a drawing.

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