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Advancing Art & Design skills since 2001

Lotus Educational Institute has be operational since 2001 as a licensed institute with a unique mission of “Holistic Approach to Education”

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Lotus provides internationally recognised “Qualifications and Professional Certificates” in Art & Design and Holistic Self-Development

Certificates accredited by Dubai Government KHDA

Providing professional qualifications with awarding different levels of Lotus Certificates accredited by Dubai government KHDA.

Flexible Training Programmes

Flexibility of training programmes based on organizations and individual’s needs.

Multi-national & Expert Artists

Designing unique corporative training and development packages with Multi-national and high qualified faculty members.

Private, Semi-Private & Group Classes

Friendly environment and warm welcoming environment with availability of private, semi-private and group classes

Lotus Courses

With 15 years experience and offering over 250+ art and design courses. We think that you will find what you are looking for here

Fine Arts


This field of course programme at Lotus is including(a)Fundamental Courses such as Perspective, Understanding Colours, Visual Literacy, etc;(b)Drawing Courses such as Charcoal Drawing, Soft and Oil Pastel, Pencil, Water Colour, etc.;and(c)Painting, etc.

Visual Arts


This field of course programme at Lotus is including(a)Interior Design and Decoration (Residential,Commercial, Restaurant and Coffee Shop);b)Graphic Design (Advertising, Branding,Publishing) and (c)Photography courses(Basic,Portrait, Fashion,Studio).



This field of course programme at Lotus is including soft skills courses to cover all aspects of Personal Development at work and life. The current holistic courses at Lotus is including Holistic Wellbeing, Holistic Art Therapy and Holistic Personal Development.

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Lotus Testimonials

  • The classes opened my eyes to photography. It was the right balance between theory and practice. There are many things I will take away From this class – many different things such as portrait photos, landscape, etc… I think teacher was very good and each class very interesting.

    Rikin Khamar

  • I really amazed about how now  I can draw and not just normal drawing even 3D drawing so I am so happy and thankful for the teachers for knowledge in interior design . It ‘s a big world and very nice and I realize that interior design is every thing not just how to put furniture.

    Salma Aljallad

  • My class experience was very interactive and educative. I learnt a lot and Ms. Neda Azadikhah the Interior Design teacher did so well and her best to make sure we achieve and get the value for our money. Before I came had no experience in Interior Decoration but am glad I can do a lot now. The atmosphere is very conducive for learning.

    Chidinma Adaobi Obi

  • Studying Graphic Design in Lotus Institute was a great experience. Learning here made me more confident. With my skills as an aspiring graphic designer, in every session we had, I found myself improving in terms of creativity, creating ideas and patience. It was really worth it. I want to thank Lotus Institute and our instructor Meiji for teaching me tirelessly during my stay. May God bless you more.

    Art Ace Samson

  • Since joining Lotus institute, I have learnt so much about the interior design field. At first it was challenging, but then it become more of a challenging yet enjoyable experience. After the intensive courses and hard work, I’m now capable of drawing in 3D perspective view and work on AutoCad. I’m glad that I have decided to join Lotus and I am looking forward to embark my career in field that I have been always passionate about.

    Roua Badwan

  • Lotus offers various art and design courses. I, being an architecture student wanted to focus on perceptive and rendering.  I( spent almost of a month or may be less, studying this course here  with Ma’am Neda and it’s my pleasure to say that she has completely enhanced my drawing skills and to be honest, I’ve never met any art teacher in Dubai who is so dedicated towards their students. I’m happy that I have made a decision to join Lotus

    Smruti Nair

  • I have been studying various programs at Lotus for almost 3 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday morning studio time during my classes. The courses are very informative and the tutors are experts I all the fields of study that are available at the Lotus Institute. I have managed to acquire skills in drawing and painting that I never thought I had. I can really recommend the Institute for their casual yet thorough process of art and creative education.

    Michael Haasbroek

  • Photography course is just spot on. It is a good mix of theory and practical exercises. It taught me lots of good techniques. The course was informative and helpful taking through various different aspects of photography. The classroom is fully equipped and you feel like you are in a real photo studio. It makes studying process more interesting and comfortable.

    Ekaterina Shcherbakova

  • “Lotus certainly helped me to become a better artist. The teaching methods, the music, atmosphere is amazing! It takes the students to another world! Love the experience!”

    Sara Darwish

  • I was really lucky to join the Graphic Design course at Lotus Institute as I’ve learned so much about the field & enhance my skills. The instructor is very friendly and an expert in everything about Graphic Design!

    Radwa Mohammed Mostafa Ismail

Providing Art Classes Through Specialized Courses in Dubai

The arts have always served as the vessel through which creativity flows, where imagination is given birth, where visions are brought to life, where the impossible is made possible. It is the expression of human imagination, given physical form through various channels such as photography, painting, drawing, and music. Throughout the years, schools of higher learning have expanded the horizons of the arts through further study. However, while the fields evolve in sophistication, the fundamentals remain the same.

Lotus Education Institute FZ-LLC aims to grow the talents and skills of people who have a fascination for arts and design by strengthening their understanding through in-depth art therapy classes in Dubai.

Enriching Local Talent Through Comprehensive Art Courses

As one of the best art schools in the country, we believe that growth is driven by exploration and discovery. One can only get better through endless hours of practice and application. With each art class, we at Lotus aim to provide artists with a platform to learn more efficiently through proper guidance in their chosen art. Dubai students who want to expand their own understanding can come to our institute and hone their skills through specially curated classes designed to gently guide learners to a world of knowledge and discovery.

Whether you are interested in personal development training, graphic design, photography, interior design course, kids activities , drwaing or painting our school will be readily available to enrich you with new knowledge and skills.

Tiered Class Levels for More Organised, Formalised Learning

Unlike other schools, our art courses have been developed to help students learn more in every art class through highly intensive and comprehensive curricula. Our courses are tiered according to depth and sophistication, allowing learners to acclimatise properly to every stage of learning. Every class is presided by an experienced instructor, ensuring that our arts and design classes are always geared towards helping learners achieve a higher level of understanding their art. Dubai students can freely choose the courses that best fit their comprehension and skill level.